LITANI RIVER is the untold story of No.11 (Scottish) Commando’s daring raid behind enemy lines on 9-10 June 1941. The book follows the unit’s officers and men from its formation in Galashiels, through arduous commando training on the Isle of Arran, and their voyage to the Middle East.

The story climaxes with the unit taking part in the first opposed amphibious landing on an occupied shore by a complete Commando Force. Where they were tasked to attack the enemy from the rear and hold the ground around the Litani River, while the 21st Australian Brigade crossed and advanced to Beirut. The Commando, formed by its indomitable Commanding Officer, Lt Col Dick Pedder, includes a cast of characters that would go on to become legends of the Second World War including: Geoffrey Keyes VC, Sir Tommy Macpherson MC & Two Bars of the SOE, and Blair ‘Paddy’ Mayne DSO & Three Bars of the SAS.

December 1941 – German U-Boats are dominating the war in the North Atlantic and Britain is desperate for a breakthrough in cracking their naval codes. The Admiralty needs an intelligence pinch, and a Kriegsmarine shore-based wireless station in the Norwegian town of Vaagso is the target.

Lieutenant Robert Bolt and his section of hand-picked commandos, led by the tough and uncompromising Corporal Sam Butcher are tasked with the secret mission. But the German’s have a plan, and Bolt and his men will have to be at their most ruthless, if they’re to get the job done.

August 1942 – Captain Robert Bolt and his men are on a secret mission in occupied France. The commandos, led by the formidable Sergeant Sam Butcher, have a straight forward job – or so it seemed.

Carry out a raid and then link up with Allied troops mounting a major attack on the French coast, they’d been told. But when the raid goes wrong, they’re left trapped behind enemy lines.

Betrayed and on the run, they discover a secret Nazi weapon ready to strike London. With the Germans hunting them down they are left with no option but to fight for their lives.

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